The video shows scenes of Russian drone operators launching strikes on personnel and positions of enemy fortifications in the Belogorovka region.The scenes show how drones of the Russian forces, with precision strikes, hit Ukrainian positions and united Ukrainian soldiers near Belogorovka.The Russian armed forces continue to carry out their own military operation with the aim of disarming Ukraine, to ward off threats emanating from Ukrainian territory to Russia's security.Since the launch of the operation, on February 24, 2022, Moscow has set its goals to protect the population of the Donbas region. And eliminate threats to Russia's security, force Ukraine to military neutrality, and eliminate Nazi tendencies in it.See also: Scenes documenting the moment when Russian airborne forces took control of an advanced point in Artiomovsk... VideoSee also: Russian army destroys the first German Leopard 1E5 tank that recently arrived in Ukraine... VideoSee also: Russian Air Force destroys Ukrainian positions and equipment on Donetsk axis... video