Ukrainian singer 


, who

was diagnosed with an incurable disease

, disclosed the peculiarities of his diet.

On his Instagram page, the star decided to answer the most interesting questions.

One of these related to nutrition during a terminal illness.

Yes, MELOVIN was open with his followers and admitted that after being diagnosed with diabetes, he gave up certain foods and now prefers vegetables.

And he added that during this time he lost about 17 kilograms.

"I have MODY-type diabetes. This is a genetic disease. The diet has completely changed. There are much more vegetables in the diet than before. I do not eat potatoes, boiled beets. My diet now is just foods with a low glycemic index. Therefore, already a minus 17 kg for all this time," said the celebrity.

MELOVIN / Photo:

However, following such special dietary rules did not upset the singer.

He admits that currently, on the contrary, he began to feel even better and it improved the functions of his body.

"At the same time, I feel great, much more productive, emotionally stable than before I found out about the disease," the artist added.

We will remind you that recently the director and designer Oleksiy Zalevskyi told for the first time how he learned about his terrible diagnosis and named

the probable causes of the disease