According to the Yedioth Ahronoth newspaper, “Gantz will travel without requesting Netanyahu’s approval,” at a time when government regulations require every minister to obtain prior approval from the Prime Minister, including approval of the travel plan.

Reuters quoted an American official as saying that US Vice President Kamala Harris will meet Gantz on Monday.

Speaking to Sky News Arabia, Israeli analysts and observers said that Gantz’s visit to Washington clearly shows the extent of the clash with Netanyahu, especially with regard to the necessity of reaching a deal that would release the Israeli hostages held by Hamas, expecting it to have repercussions on the government’s political path. Israel in the coming period.

New tension

  • That visit sparked a new wave of tensions between Gantz and Netanyahu, whose close associates were quoted by Hebrew media as saying that the Israeli prime minister explained to a member of the War Council that “Israel has only one prime minister.”

  • Opposition leader Benny Gantz is Netanyahu's main rival for his most prominent government position within Tel Aviv, while his visit coincides with a time when the Biden administration has become increasingly frustrated with Netanyahu and his government.

  • US President Joe Biden previously warned that the far-right government in Israel would lose international support if it pursued its current policies.

  • The American Al-Monitor website indicated that Gantz's visit to Washington comes amid reports indicating that the Biden administration "is losing patience with Netanyahu" regarding his management of the war in Gaza and its refusal to plan for the post-war phase.

  • It also comes at a time when the Israeli government and the war cabinet are divided over how to proceed with the ongoing hostage release and ceasefire negotiations mediated by Egypt, Qatar and the United States.

Saddam at the conference table

A few days ago, Gantz expressed his anger at Netanyahu during the cabinet meeting, as he said during the meeting: “It seems that the prime minister is doing everything in his power to make decisions alone and not jointly,” according to what was reported by Israeli Channel 13.

This statement came amid complaints that Netanyahu was making decisions related to efforts to reach a ceasefire and prisoner release agreement with Hamas on his own without consulting the Military Cabinet or the Security Cabinet. Defense Minister Yoav Galant also complained that Netanyahu had bypassed the defense establishment, which led to Mistakes were made during the meeting, according to the Jerusalem Post.

The United States says it is determined to reach an agreement that would temporarily stop the fighting in Gaza and release the hostages held by Hamas since October 7, while bringing more aid to civilians in Gaza.

Reports also indicated that mediators contacted Gantz directly to advance hostage deal talks, which angered Netanyahu.

Late last year, the disagreement between Netanyahu and Gantz appeared more prominent when discussing the “government budget for 2023,” with the latter demanding the deletion of all items not related to war necessities, warning that failure to transfer all of the coalition’s discretionary funds to war needs would... It pushes the National Unity Party to vote against that proposed budget and could prompt it to "consider its next steps" then.

A few days after the Hamas attack, Netanyahu and former Defense Minister and opposition figure Gantz agreed to form an emergency war government for the first time since 1967, to lead the country in its crisis away from the sharp differences between them, as Gantz left the opposition to join the mini-war government.

However, as anger towards Netanyahu increased internally, Gantz’s shares rose at the political level, as a Maariv newspaper poll indicated that the current opposition, along with the National Unity Party, led by Gantz, could obtain 76 seats out of the 120 seats in the Knesset. If the elections were held today.

The truce deal crisis

Israeli political analyst Shlomo Ganor believes, in an interview with Sky News Arabia, that “it is likely that the Ministers of the Military Council, Benny Gantz and Gabi Eisenkot, will withdraw from the government in the event of evasion in the negotiations on the kidnappers’ deal, as they set this file as the minimum condition for the continuation of their partnership in the Netanyahu government.” ".

Ganor stressed that the matter now depends on the progress of the negotiations and the extent of the success of the mediators, Egypt and Qatar, in convincing Hamas to soften its position and present a proposal formula other than that rejected by the official circles in Israel.

He said that there is a consensus of opinions on a number of axes of the war, and a sharp disagreement on others within the Israeli government ministers, as the government agrees and adheres to the war goals of dismantling the military and governmental structure of Hamas, releasing the kidnapped, and ensuring that the Gaza Strip does not become a base for an attack again. Tel Aviv.

Ganor explained that there are clear differences in the opinions of the pillars of the government coalition, with regard to other issues such as the position on the ceasefire, the number of Palestinians who will be released and the “type of crime” they committed, as well as humanitarian aid, the role of the Palestinian Authority in the Gaza Strip, and settlement in the Gaza Strip. Gaza, and the return of the displaced “Israeli” villagers to their homes again.

The Israeli political analyst added, "Each of these files could cause a dispute that could lead to the weakness of the coalition's pillars and lead to a ministerial crisis."

However, Ganor stated, “Until then, the partisan support of the pillars of the government coalition is united and guaranteed around the necessity of continuing military operations, including the Rafah region and the Philadelphia axis.”

Consensus on war and disagreement on policy

As for the professor of political science at the Hebrew University in Jerusalem, and member of the Central Committee of the Israeli Labor Party, Meir Masri, he explained to the “Sky News Arabia” website that the dispute between Gantz and Netanyahu is “political” in the first place and is not related to the management of the war, indicating that there is almost complete consensus. In Israel, and within the government coalition, regarding the war strategy and the necessity of eliminating Hamas rule before addressing any other issue.

Regarding the relationship of the current dispute to the truce deal with Hamas, “Masry” pointed out that “procrastination is not on the part of Israel, but rather it is practiced by the other party, which is trying to buy time, thinking that the international community will impose a ceasefire on Israel at some point, which will allow it to save another.” Its strongholds, especially in Rafah Governorate.”

He added: "There has been a miscalculation since the first day of the aggression against Israel, resulting from a lack of accurate understanding of the social and political reality in Israel. Israel will not stop its military operations before destroying Hamas and ending its presence, whatever the cost, regardless of international pressure, and whatever the fate of the kidnapped people." ".

He continued: "The issue is not related to the political future of the Israeli Prime Minister or the composition of his government, but rather to the future of Israel as a state."