The Algerian expert added, in statements on the sidelines of the seventh summit of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum, that the most important points contained in the declaration were the necessity of not using the economy in political aspects unrelated to the economy, which is a clear indication of the illegal sanctions imposed by the United States and its affiliates on Russia and Iran. And Venezuela, which amounts to a complete rejection of these sanctions. He continued: “Energy must be treated as a commodity without using it as a weapon, especially since the sanctions imposed by the West on Russia are immoral, illegitimate, and of course not useful.” The text of the Algeria Declaration following the “Gas Summit” affirmed support for strong dialogue. Between producers, consumers and other relevant parties to secure supply and demand and enhance market stability. The text of the statement, a copy of which Sputnik received, also affirmed the absolute rights of member states over their resources and renewed its condemnation of all unilateral economic restrictions outside the approval of the Security Council against member states in the Forum. Gas exporting countries. The “Algeria Gas Declaration also stressed the importance of investment aimed at achieving market stability and ensuring the unhindered flow of financial resources,” as well as the refusal to use climate change as an excuse to disrupt investments in natural gas through artificial interventions. According to the text of the draft Algeria Declaration, the heads of state The governments of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum affirmed their commitment to the goals of the Gas Exporting Countries Forum and their determination to enhance the role of the forum and its contribution to the security, justice and sustainability of energy in the world. The statement said: “We sought to encourage natural gas resources in member states to promote sustainable development that benefits producing and consuming countries.” Both," stressing the importance of coordination to enhance research and innovation processes, technology transfer, and capacity building. He continued: "We supported the existence of a strong and purposeful dialogue between producers, consumers, and parties to secure supply and demand and enhance market stability, so that it is open and free of obstacles.” The statement stressed the importance of the fundamental role of gas in Achieving sustainable development goals and ensuring reliable, sustainable and modern energy that contributes to confronting the challenges posed by climate change.