A poll conducted by the New York Times and Siena University, which included 980 registered voters, showed that 48% of them would choose Trump, compared to only 43% for Biden, if the elections were held today.

The poll comes days before “Super Tuesday,” which witnesses primary elections in more than ten states, and is expected to definitively determine Trump’s superiority in the race to obtain the Republican Party nomination over his only competitor, Nikki Haley.

The poll found that Democrat Biden is struggling, despite many positive economic indicators, to convince Americans that his policies are beneficial to them.

Only one in four voters said that the country is moving in the right direction, while more than twice that percentage saw that Biden's policies harmed them rather than helped them.

The poll showed a decline in support for Biden among categories of voters whose votes were usually almost guaranteed for the Democrats, such as workers and non-white voters.

While Trump was able to significantly unite his base, as 97% of those who voted for him in 2020 said that they would do so again this year, only 83% of those who voted for Biden in 2020 pledged to vote for him again.

10% of voters expressed their support for Trump at the time.

Trump is running for election while facing 91 criminal charges, and at least one of his four trials is expected to begin before polling day scheduled for November 5.

Analysts believe that Trump's dominance in the Republican elections hides strong opposition to his candidacy among moderate Republicans and independents, whose votes he needs to defeat Biden.

It is not yet clear how many undecided Biden voters may find themselves forced to vote for him because they do not see Trump returning to the White House.