Yuriy Gorbunov

and his wife, presenter

Kateryna Osadcha,

 entertained fans with family content.

Yes, the celebrity showed a romantic photo with his wife on his Instagram page.

In the picture, they are posing in sunglasses.

For the weekend, the couple went on a mini-trip to the Kyiv region.

They arrived in Vytachiv, which is between Kyiv and Kanev.

The area offers an incredible panoramic view of the picturesque Dnipro.

So, the couple enjoyed a quiet and comfortable vacation surrounded by nature.

Yuri Gorbunov and Kateryna Osadcha / Photo:

By the way, Kateryna also showed a photo taken on the road in her photo blog.

However, she published a selfie where she mysteriously looks into the distance alone.

So, the presenter noted that she is gaining strength before the premiere of the show "

Song of my life

", in which she became the presenter.

Kateryna Osadcha / Photo:

"Saturday. Before the Sunday premiere," Kateryna wrote.

We will remind you that on Sunday, March 3, at 9:00 p.m., the premiere of the "Song of my Life" project will take place on the "1+1 Ukraine" TV channel.

Former Deputy Minister of Defense Hanna Malyar and singer Yuliya Sanina will appear

in the first issue