The rescue operation in Odesa, where an enemy kamikaze drone hit a residential building on the night of March 2, continues.

Currently, eight people are known to have died. 

This was reported in Odesa OVA.

Three men aged 35, 40 and 54, two women aged 73 and 31, as well as two children - three-year-old Mark and 4-month-old Timofey - were among those who became victims of the Russian terrorist attack. 

Recently, a woman's body was recovered from the rubble.

Her data is being set. 

"All relevant services are working at the scene of the tragedy.

One person applied for temporary housing.

Heating has been restored to the houses of Odessa residents, which were left without heat due to the nighttime drone attack.

In particular, in the building in which the collapse of one extreme entrance took place", - reported in OVA. 

Throughout the day, caring Odessa residents bring water, food and warm things to the scene of the tragedy for the victims.

We will remind, in Odesa, adults and children may be under the rubble of a house that was hit by an enemy kamikaze drone at night.