Date of the day

On March 3, 1944,

Frantishak Alyakhnovich

, playwright, writer, author of one of the world's first books about the Soviet prison "In the hoods of the GPU"

was killed in Vilnius .

Francishak Alyakhnovich

Also on this day


— a battle took place on the Nemiza River between the army of

Usyaslav the Sorcerer

and the united armies of the princes of Kievan Rus.

The first mention of Minsk in sources.

Monument to Vsiaslav Charadei, Polotsk


- serfdom was abolished in the Russian Empire:

Alexander II

issued a manifesto on the liberation of the peasants.


— the San Stefano Peace Treaty was signed between Russia and Turkey.

The autonomous principality of Greater Bulgaria was formed as part of the Ottoman Empire.

It is celebrated in Bulgaria as the day of liberation from Ottoman rule.


— the Ukrainian Central Council was formed in Kyiv.


- the Peace of Brest between Russia and Germany was signed.

According to the terms of the peace, Russia renounced part of the territory of Belarus on the line Dvinsk - Svientsany - Lida - Pruzhany - Brest.

Representatives of Belarus were not invited to sign this peace treaty.

Signing of the Brest Peace Treaty between German delegations from Austria-Hungary and Russia, 1918


- German Chancellor

Adolf Hitler

announced the formation of the "Third Reich" in Potsdam.


- at the referendum in Latvia, 74% of the population voted for independence from the USSR, in Estonia - 83%.

They were born on this day



Alexander Bell

, American scientist, inventor of the telephone.



Vladimir Kavalyonak

, Belarusian cosmonaut.

Vladimir Kavalyonak together with Yuras Hadyk during a rally on the square, August 1991.

Photo St.



Valery Maslyuk

, Belarusian director.

Valery Maslyuk

In memory



Yan Glyabits

, a classic of Belarusian architecture.



Valenti Shvykovski

, marshal of Pruža, participant in the uprising of 1863, patron.



Mykola Ravensky

, Belarusian composer, author of the hymn "Mighty God".