Avdiyivka is only the beginning, and the war will affect everyone!

Such a loud statement was made by a soldier of the 3rd OShbr with the call sign "Makar".

He recently returned from Avdiivka and told about the battles for the city and warned Ukrainians about the danger. 

What exactly the military man said and whether the Armed Forces of Ukraine could have held Avdiyivka is discussed in an exclusive review by Viktoria Panchenko on the

TSN.UA YouTube channel.

The truth about Avdiivka

The Avdiiv direction is currently the most hellish part of the front.

The military assures that only Mariupol was more difficult than Avdiivka. 

Fighters of the 3rd OShBr held back the enemy on one of the flanks of the city to ensure the exit of other units.

A soldier of the 3rd OShbr with the call sign "Makar" told the truth about the battles for Avdiivka in an interview with Ukrainian Witness.

"We had the task of keeping the defense in a certain sector in any way possible.

Considering everything you've been through, I can't quite believe that you managed to get out safe and sound.

The enemy surrounded us with manpower every day, rolled 6-10 times.

And he had more life force, "meat" in Avdiivka than in Bakhmut.

The enemy climbed 20-30 people to one position," he said. 

When the enemy learned that the 3rd OShBr was entering the city, they began to accumulate forces.

The Russians used everything possible: equipment, aviation, air defense systems, helicopters, mortars, artillery, cluster munitions and a huge number of FPV drones.

"Makar" noted that the Russian prisoners said that they could not return, because they were being shot there.

"If you watch the movie "The Walking Dead", as zombies walked there, Russians also walked in Avdiivka," he says.

The most difficult challenge

"Makar" also said that Avdiyivka became "the most difficult challenge" for the 3rd assault division.

The military had to make tremendous efforts in the battles. 

At the same time, the Russians suffered huge losses.

According to Makar, his comrades eliminated about 2 companies of the enemy in 6-7 days.

"Forty of our soldiers destroyed from 220 to 240 people of the enemy.

These are only the killed.

The 3rd OSHBr itself was stretched over a long distance.

According to confirmed data, thanks to the work of our brigade, the Russians lost about one and a half thousand people killed and three to four thousand wounded," he said.

According to the commander of the assault group, the withdrawal of Ukrainian troops from Avdiivka was the only correct decision.

"We already lost a lot of people in this war.

In this case, nothing would have saved Avdiivka," he believes.

The war will affect everyone

Of course, the struggle for Avdiivka was bloody and the enemy suffered colossal losses, but, unfortunately, many of our brave defenders remained forever in the ranks. 

"Makar" warns that such bloody and daring actions of the aggressor are only the beginning.

"Avdiivka is probably just the beginning.

It is necessary to prepare.

Well, as a start, the start of some such new company of theirs, I think you need to prepare for a fairly large scale.

Therefore, we need, in general, the Armed Forces to be replenished with equipment, drones, EW systems.

And again, people, people, people.

And if someone thinks that the war will pass by someone, then in fact it will not.

It is a war and it will be for a long time.

And to think that if I stay at home, it won't touch me - but no, it will touch everyone," the fighter summed up.

▶ On the TSN YouTube channel, you can watch the video "Avdiivka - just the beginning! The war will affect everyone!" at this link.

A soldier of the 3rd OShBr addressed the Ukrainians!"

We will remind you that during the offensive attempts in the Avdiyiv direction, the Russian occupiers use mixed tactics and use all the weapons that the enemy units are equipped with.