Ukrainian singer


scared her fans with a video from the hospital.

On her Instagram page, the singer posted a video of herself in the operating room. As the singer said, she needed emergency surgery because she began to hear poorly in her left ear. In a photo blog, Kamaliya showed how the operation took place and thanked the doctors of the Oleksandrivska Hospital, where she was admitted with a diagnosis of "traumatic perforation of the tympanic membrane":

"I am very grateful to the doctors of Oleksandrivska hospital, who did a lot for me. Covid, kidney problems... And I always knew that the real professionals of the Oleksandriv Hospital would help! Like this time, fate brought me to them with a diagnosis of "traumatic perforation of the tympanic membrane." The head of the ENT department performed the myringoplasty perfectly. Thank you for your golden hands and golden heart - you are a surgeon from God! I hope that I can hear in my left ear again, as before. Thank God and the surgeon from God for a perfectly performed operation!" Kamaliya wrote in her photoblog.

In turn, the singer's fans wished her a speedy recovery:

We will remind, earlier Kamalia shared rare photos with her 10-year-old daughters Arabella and Mirabella. The artist

took the children to Ukraine

for some time

and showed them how they do gymnastics. As you know, Kamalia's children live with her ex-husband Mohammad Zahoor in London.