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Venezuelan authorities arrested that country's


Óscar Alejandro Pérez this Sunday after he published a video on his social networks in which the Public Ministry says he "urged" to dynamite a building. This Monday, Pérez was released, as he himself confirmed on his X account, before his Twitter.

The measure came after the


— with more than 1.8 million subscribers on his YouTube channel — published a video showing the fencing of an office building in Caracas.

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The Attorney General of Venezuela, Tarek William Saab, said in an X publication that in the images he is seen “urging” that “he himself be dynamited with explosives.”

This Monday, the Public Ministry of Venezuela asked a control judge for a precautionary measure to remain pending the requests of the Prosecutor's Office.

“No one can invent here that it was an arbitrary detention, he will be placed under the orders of the corresponding court today. And what I can announce to you is that the Public Ministry, based on everything collected, is going to ask the court that this person be attentive to the calls of the Public Ministry and the court itself based on an ongoing investigation, but it is going to obtain their freedom,” Saab said in front of journalists.


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Pérez's family, whose YouTube channel is dedicated to promoting travel, had reported the arrest of the


hours before the Public Ministry announced the arrest.

"According to preliminary reports available, the arrest is linked to accusations of terrorism-related activities," the statement said.

“Óscar Alejandro, recognized for his work as a


in the promotion of Venezuelan culture, now faces this legal process. The family expresses its hope that the judicial process, which will begin with a hearing scheduled for Monday, April 1, 2024 in the second court of control of the metropolitan area, will clarify the details of the situation," the letter states.

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CNN is trying to contact the Venezuelan Prosecutor's Office for more details and Pérez's legal representation to find out their reaction to the accusations.