Heriberto Corvea, responsible for the under-15 category. Photo: Angélica Arce Montero/Cubadebate.

The Cuban performance in the recent Pan-American U-15 championship and an update on the 63rd National Baseball Series

were the topics this afternoon in the usual Monday press conference, with the Cuban baseball authorities, in the Adolfo Luque hall of the Latin American stadium.

Regarding the performance in the U-15 Pan American Championship, in the Dominican Republic, where those led by Alexander Urquiola achieved only two victories against three defeats, Heriberto Corvea, head of the category, pointed out that

defense was the main reason for the result.

The Cubans fielded 953, with a pitching ERA of 5.14 and a batting average of 328. In addition, only two members of the squad had international experience.

“Along with this, none of the children who were world runners-up in 2022 continued in the national team, a product of the exodus of athletes at that age. Although, we must clarify that

the entire critical route of preparation was completed,

despite the conditions the country is going through,” stated Corvea.

In this regard, the president of the Cuban Baseball Federation and National Commissioner Juan Reinaldo Pérez Pardo assured that it is not about justifying. “They beat us, although there were two games that were lost in extra innings and, except for the match with Nicaragua, in the rest they were even.

“Our children have to encounter more

. Some have not played for a while, because they did not play at other levels either, such as the under-12 level. That, together with competitive inexperience, conspired. In addition, we have to work on concentration,” said Pérez Pardo.

He added that

in 2024 the national championship for those under 15 years of age will resume,

when logistical conditions allow it.

Heriberto Corvea specified that in the under-15 category, players must play at least 150 games, counting the municipal, provincial and national levels. For its part, the national series includes 36 challenges.

Regarding the strategy to follow in the coming months, he aimed to improve the preparation processes in the EIDEs and concentrate the athletes in national baseball schools and not in the different EIDEs of the country. Likewise, ensure the proper development of the national championships, comply with the calendar and international limits, make talent visible and improve their living conditions, seeking to avoid departures abroad.

The highest baseball authorities led the meeting. Photo: Angélica Arce Montero/Cubadebate.

Likewise, at the meeting with the sports press, the most outstanding players of the week of March 18 to 28 were announced at 63 SNB.

William Saavedra from Pinar del Río

obtained 1,172 votes from the population, 11 from the press and 10 from the National Commission, while the young pitcher from Ciego de Avila Ediel Ponce La Rosa (558, 9, 11).

Saavedra hit five home runs and three doubles, for an average of 500 and OBP of 522, in addition to hitting 11 hits in 22 at-bats. Meanwhile, Ponce, at only 17 years old, won two games, with an ERA of 0.82, a whip of 0.64 and 10 strikeouts.

In relation to the current baseball season, its manager Carlos Martín pointed out that the teams that hit the most home runs are Granma and Pinar del Río, with 26 and 24, in that order.

Likewise, he detailed that 20 replays have been carried out (14 in favor of the referees and six of the directors.

Martín reported on

the upcoming subseries between Ciego de Ávila and Industriales that will be played at the Latinoamericano on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday, at 6:30 in the afternoon.

Regarding the arrival time on Mondays of the teams to the hotels, he specified that it is at four in the afternoon, "although if they arrive earlier and there are conditions, the accommodation begins."

For his part, the guest sporting glory was José Luis Alemán from Santiago, who in 17 National Series exhibited a 3.13 pcl, winning 174 games and losing 125.

Alemán declared himself an admirer of Liván Moinelo and Raydel Martínez and commented that he did not understand why current pitchers lack control and are injured so frequently, “yes now they have better means. We were just running. We hardly worked on strength, but we did train during batting practice.”

The former pitcher recalled that the hitter who had the most difficulty is Fernando Sánchez from Matanzas, while the best pitcher that Cuban baseball has ever had for him is called Braudilio Vinent.

Moment when Alemán received his gift from Rodolfo Puente. Photo: Angélica Arce Montero/Cubadebate.