UniCredit Bulbank presented its exclusive investment solutions for the investment market in Bulgaria through the introduction of onemarkets funds.

The rich range of investment strategies provides Bulgarian investors with the opportunity to benefit from the rich experience of established leaders in asset management such as Fidelity, Pictet, JP Morgan, BlackRock, Pimco, Amundi and Allianz Global Investors. 

At a special media event, Tsvetanka Mincheva, CEO of UniCredit Bulbank, and Borislav Genov, Director of Retail Banking and member of the Management Board of UniCredit Bulbank, together with representatives of UniCredit's partners in the onemarkets fund - Istvan Al Hilal, CFA, head of "Central and Eastern Europe" department at Fidelity International and Adrian Push, sales manager for Austria and CEE at Pictet Asset Management, presented the new product line of the group - UniCredit - the onemarkets fund. 

This unique product platform provides an exclusive opportunity to all European investors, including more than 15 million customers of the UniCredit group, to invest in funds actively managed in cooperation with leading global asset management companies.

The investment strategies of onemarkets Fund allow Bulgarian investors to benefit from the experience of world leaders in asset management, including 5 of the 10 largest asset management companies in the world for 2023.

During the meeting,

Tsvetanka Mincheva, CEO of UniCredit Bulbank

, shared that over the past 20 years, as a leader in the distribution of funds in Bulgaria with over 27% market share by 2023, UniCredit Bulbank accepts the responsibility to provide Bulgarian investors with access to the best quality savings and investment solutions in the world.

She commented:

“Our mission for the past 20 years has remained the same - to spread knowledge and provide access to opportunities to more and more customers.

The world of asset management offers a wide variety of investment solutions, materializing the proven potential of the capital markets.

Our goal is to offer effective opportunities for diversification of savings, ones with increasingly high added value for Bulgarian investors."

Borislav Genov, Director of Retail Banking and member of the Management Board of UniCredit Bulbank

, emphasizes the huge undeveloped potential of the Bulgarian investment market and the possibility of achieving profitability for Bulgarian investors.

Although the investments of households and enterprises in actively managed funds for the last 10 years outpaced the growth of deposits by 5 times, still (at BGN 3 per 100 BGN deposit) the country is far from the average levels of investments compared to household deposits in Central Europe (16 euros against 100 euros deposit).

"Bulgarian investors have at their disposal the huge potential of the world capital markets, proven over time.

To take advantage of it, we need three things – high-end investment products, careful planning and professional management – ​​we are here to provide them with all three

,” he shared.

Adrian Pusch, Sales Manager for Austria and CEE at Pictet Asset Management commented:

"We are delighted to partner with UniCredit Bulbank and bring Pictet Asset Management's thematic fund expertise to Bulgarian investors. Powerful technological, environmental and socio-economic forces are changing the global economy. We define these long-term influences with transformative potential as" megatrends". Pictet Asset Management's strategies enable investors to take advantage of these enduring trends and the exceptional growth potential they offer."

As an independent, private Swiss financial institution, Pictet Asset Management has been preserving and growing its clients' wealth since 1805.

Pictet Asset Management is part of the Swiss financial group Pictet Group, which manages a balanced strategy with a focus on long-term structural factors for growth, such as climate change, digitalization and demographic growth.

Pictet Asset Management's leading expertise and long-term experience is in the field of thematic investments with a focus on environmental themes or sectors key to the concept of sustainability.

"We are pleased to be a strategic partner of UniCredit globally. The strategy we are working on together is fully consistent with our sales strategy in CEE. The risk profile of dividend stocks has made our decisions so far the best-selling stocks in the region, and with the onemarkets fund we are convinced that we can reach another level up"


commented Istvan Al Hilal, CFA, Head of Central and Eastern Europe at Fidelity International. 

Fidelity International is one of the world's largest independent asset managers, managing over $700 million in mutual, pension and index funds.

The management asset is still privately owned, which allows for a long-term strategy to be followed.

Regarding the onemarkets strategy, Fidelity International's focus is on a low-volatility portfolio containing select companies with high market capitalization (over $4 billion) and a history of high dividends.

Stock selection of dividend paying companies aims to ride out the market cycle, limiting market volatility compared to the stock market.

As a result of the partnership with leading names in asset management, UniCredit Bulbank, as part of the UniCredit group, delivers the right investment tools through the onemarkets fund solutions.

These new investment opportunities represent an important step for the development of the Bulgarian investment market and provide investors with the opportunity to take advantage of the potential of the capital markets and increase the yield of their portfolios.

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