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Most people who receive income from an economic activity in Mexico must submit their annual tax return for the year 2023 to the Tax Administration Service (SAT) as of April 1, 2024.

Your annual return must include information on your income, authorized and personal deductions, withholdings and your provisional payments, according to the SAT.

Among the expenses that you can deduct on your return are medical, dental and hospital expenses; consultations with a nutritionist or psychologist; the donations; interest on mortgage loans; tuition and school transportation; funeral expenses, among others.

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All natural persons residing in Mexico who must complete the tax declaration procedures can do so online on the SAT microsite. You only need to have the password/e.firma, your RFC and, if you have a credit balance, your bank details.

To avoid fines and recharges, we tell you what the deadline is to carry out this procedure.


Key dates and deadline for tax filing in Mexico

April 1: 

As of this day, all individuals can begin to file their annual tax return.

April 30:

Taxpayers have one month to pay taxes for the 2023 financial year.

Who must file their annual tax return?

If you are a natural person who obtains income through any of these activities, you must submit your declaration to the SAT:



: if you are under the salaries and wages regime and have cumulative income of no more than 400,000 Mexican pesos, you do not have to submit an annual declaration, as long as you do not receive extra income in addition to your salary, such as fees for additional work, for leases or property sales).

Wages and salaries

  • From a single pattern and you stopped receiving it before December 31.

  • If you also obtained income other than salaries.

  • If you worked for two or more employers simultaneously.

  • If the salaries come from abroad or from people not obliged to withhold.

  • If you also obtained income from compensation or retirement.

  • If your total annual salary income exceeds 400,000 Mexican pesos.

Professional services 

  • These are those who earn income on their own and issue proof of fees.

Business activities

  • Technological platforms.

  • Business activities in the border region.

  • Agricultural, livestock, forestry and fishing activities.

  • Fiscal Incorporation Regime (RIF) with profit coefficient.

Income from some real estate

Those people who charge rent for an apartment, house or commercial premises.

For people who receive interest or dividends

They disposed of assets

  • These are people who sold some good

Acquisition of goods 

For people who bought some good.