The pretty village of Benkovski, located half a kilometer from the road that connects the Sub-Balkan road with the villages of Petrich and Smolsko, will soon get a renewed road connection and several renovated streets.

The village, part of the Mirkovo municipality in the Sofia region, falls within the scope of whose road network the "European Roads" company will repair in the spring season.

"Our work is well known in the municipality of Mirkovo. At the end of last year, we renovated the central part of the village of Mirkovo, completely transforming the appearance of the square, building new plumbing and sewerage, new lighting, new alleys made of concrete blocks and retaining walls, steps and ramps made of granite. Local residents are now enjoying a new outdoor stage and children's playground in the center of the village. So "European Roads" remains committed to modernizing infrastructure and increasing the quality of life in the region," says Margarita Popivanova, Executive Director of "European Roads".

According to her, there are no small or large objects. "We treat each object with equal responsibility, we know that it affects human destinies and we always strive to perform everything qualitatively and on time," she added.

In the village of Benkovski, the company's teams will perform milling and lay two layers of asphalt on the streets. The company will also take care of 1,300 m of new curbs and 2,600 sq.m. new pavement.

"Of course, we will also clean the drains, we will make banquets on the road, we will lay horizontal markings and new road signs," explains engineer Ginka Marinova, chief responsible for the site. She explains that the repair work is currently in the initial stage - the milling has been done and the laying of the concrete curbs has begun. "In a few months, the people of the village and the surrounding area will enjoy renewed and comfortable streets next to their homes," says Ginka Marinova.

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