People's deputy and member of the Committee on Agrarian and Land Policy Dmytro Solomchuk said that this spring no significant increase in prices for basic


is predicted . 

"In my opinion, there will be no drastic increase in the prices of products. Vegetables, which were stored in vegetable storages in the winter, will start to become cheaper. In particular, the price of potatoes and onions will decrease compared to January," said the parliamentarian.

Also, the people's deputy predicts a decrease in the prices of eggs, because in the spring-summer period, many home products appear, farms already compete with large producers in terms of quality and price.

At the same time, prices for dairy products may rise slightly.

"The price of dairy products may not increase significantly if the price of fuel increases. In this case, milk may add a few percent to the price due to logistics," Dmytro Solomchuk explained.

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