This year the training will take place entirely in Rome, Italy

On April 1, 2024, applications for Huawei's flagship "Seeds for the Future" student program begin. The program provides young talents from around the world with the opportunity to participate in short-term trainings, global competitions and ongoing activities centered around digital technologies, providing them with an important platform to understand industry innovation, cross-cultural exchange and develop an entrepreneurial spirit.

The initiative confirms Huawei's commitment not only to identify and support talented people, but also to help bridge the gap between academic learning and practical application in the ICT sector by preparing students for the dynamic demands of the modern business world by enhancing technological expertise and promoting leadership qualities.

In 2024, the "Seeds for the Future" program provides the winners with full-time training, which will take place in Rome, Italy during the first week of July.

Huawei Technologies Bulgaria will give three of the most prominent candidates the opportunity to participate in the training together with the other awarded students from other European countries.

In 2023, two of the students from Bulgaria who completed online training under the program were awarded a one-week visit to China, which included graduates from nearly twenty European countries. During the week, they participated in educational sessions with experts from the technology world, inspiring discussions on key topics such as diversity, green skills and sustainability, and advanced in the areas of connectivity and innovation. The visit ended with an impressive closing ceremony with leading experts from around the world.

The requirements for applicants to the program are to be active students, fluent in English, have a strong interest in information and communication technologies, and be willing to acquire new knowledge and skills.

They are required to provide a CV, a cover letter and a short video in English of up to 3 minutes

on the topic "What is the future of ICT and artificial intelligence?". The documents are sent to or by


Follow the channel of

(there is product placement in the material)