This is reported by the OKKO website. 

In cooperation with the "Return Alive" foundation, the company launched the third wave of the "EYE FOR AN EYE" initiative.

According to the results of the first wave, 25 intelligence complexes were purchased for the Armed Forces for UAH 350 million, during the second wave, UAH 400 million was accumulated for weapons for the Armed Forces, the shipment of which is ongoing - 200 large-caliber machine guns, 156 mortars, and 50 grenade launchers are already working at the front.

The third wave of "EYE FOR AN EYE", which started in February 2024, aims to acquire 10 combat complexes of Pulstron equipment and weapons for amphibious assault troops.

And this is more than 4,500 pieces of equipment with a total cost of UAH 500 million.

As a reminder, within the framework of all campaigns, the chain transfers 1 hryvnia from each sold liter of Pulls brand fuel to weapons.  

In addition to the main direction - assistance to the Armed Forces, the company supported and implemented other initiatives.

She rebuilt schools in the de-occupied Kyiv region, provided fuel for the emergency services workers (including after the explosion of the Kakhovskaya HPP to eliminate the consequences), purchased resuscitation vehicles for the frontline regions, launched an inclusive car class in Lviv together with the Uklon service, and others.  

According to the rating compiled by NV Business, OKKO is among the top 10 Ukrainian businesses that most help the Armed Forces and the state during a full-scale war.

And among fuel retail companies, OKKO is the absolute leader in this indicator.