Russian fighter jets are landing one by one. The Russians are shocked and do not understand how the Ukrainian titans can do this. In less than a year of the war, the Ukrainians shot down 18 Russian "birds", including the Su-34 and Su-35, thanks only to the Patriot battery provided by Germany.

Journalist Artem Zyabkin told in an exclusive story for how this was done and how the newest system changed the rules of air warfare. 

Ukrainian air defense is top!

The Patriot battery, provided by Germany, shot down 18 Russian targets. Such stunning statistics of the Armed Forces were demonstrated in less than a year of war. On February 19, the Ukrainian air defense "surveilled" another two Russian fighter jets near Mariupol, Italian military expert Thomas Tayner said. And we didn't even count the number of missiles and drones shot down by the Patriot.


"The German Patriot battery shot down the 8th Su-34 on February 18, and the 9th Su-34 and the third Su-35 on February 19. So far, 18 Russian planes have been shot down by the Patriot (and about 100+ missiles and drones),”

he wrote. 

It is not about one launcher, but one Patriot battery, and it includes up to 8 launchers. At the same time, as Air Force spokesman Yuriy Ignat previously stated, Ukraine is officially armed with two divisions of American air defense systems. And there are also

rumors on the network about the so-called "Patriot-wanderer"

. This story has already become a horror for the Rashists, and the leadership of the Ukrainian Air Force has repeatedly, so to speak, incited these rumors. We don't know if there is such a thing in reality, but Russian planes do fall, and to the joy of Ukrainians, regularly and in different places.

Does the "Patriot-wanderer" exist?

For the first time, such a "patriot wanderer" went hunting in May 2023 and staged a real massacre, which was later called the "Bryansk Massacre". Then the Ukrainian military managed to permanently "ground" the Russian Su-34 and Su-35, as well as 3 Mi-8 helicopters, two of which were modified with modern electronic warfare.

"It was a lightning operation under the leadership of the commander of the Air Force. Thanks to non-standard, decisive actions, the Patriot air defense units destroyed five ships at once in the Bryansk direction in five minutes, from where they then bombarded our northern regions with guided aerial bombs. I jokingly call it the "Bryanska raznia,"

said Yuriy Ignat. 

At that time, the occupiers could not understand how the Ukrainians managed to land an entire air group and even managed to accuse their own air defense of "excessive vigilance". Within a day Patriot flooded another Su, but already in Odeshchyna.

"There was still Odesa. Another Su-35 was shot down over the Black Sea. It happened some time after the events in Bryansk region. And after that, they stopped flying there for a while, because they realized that it was dangerous there, they could be shot down. The Patriot complex is such an opportunity!",

Yuriy Ignat added. 

The "fattest" target of the Patriot was certainly the Russian A-50 reconnaissance aircraft. In addition to the fact that it is very expensive, and the Rashists cannot build new ones, it was the skill of the ZSU that impressed everyone. For months, the plane flew along the usual route, as if in safety all the way over the coast of the Sea of ​​Azov. Experts assume that Ukraine "matched" the Patriot and blinded the enemy's locators with signals from the Ukrainian S-300 air defense system's radars. He does not reach A-50. At the same time, another "fat" target - the Russian Il-22M air command post - was almost sent into eternal flight over the sea. Unfortunately, this "bird", although very tired, returned to the resort.

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Patriot changed the course of the war

However, not the only planes. Yes, to catch a Russian "bird", even close to the front, is quite a success, as well as skill and heroism. However, Patriots came to Ukraine for something else. By May 23, Putin had, so to speak, his "super weapon". We are talking about the infamous "Dagger" missiles. Before the appearance of American Patriots in the Ukrainian arsenal, these hypersonic missiles, which are launched from the MiG-31K, were invulnerable to Ukrainian air defense. But here too, Ukraine and its allies once again defeated Putin. Now the "analogue" "Daggers" are falling headlong into the Dnipro.

On December 31, 2023, Yuriy Ignat said that in half a year, Ukraine managed to shoot down 15 Daggers: "Now we already have 15 downed Daggers." Plus dozens of downed ballistic missiles that were flying towards Kyiv. Patriot showed himself. Currently, there is an increase in the production capacity of air defense equipment in Germany, France, and the United States of America. Production increased because serious challenges facing the world community are growing. Everyone understood that ground air defense systems are still very necessary." 

And already on January 2, the Rashists attacked Ukraine once again. 99 missiles of various types flew into Ukraine. 72 were shot down, including 10 out of 10 Daggers. Our air defense forces are titans. Perhaps thanks to Patriot and other Western systems, despite numerous pessimistic forecasts, Ukraine almost completely passed the winter without blackouts. This is a really amazing result. Could Ukrainians imagine this last winter 2022-2023? 

But there is one but. Without American support, Ukraine may very soon be without this crucial air defense system. According to experts, the Patriot system is "artificial" - there are not many of them in the world and only a few countries can produce ammunition for them, for example, the USA and Japan. But there is a problem. Japan may want to, but it cannot transfer its ammunition directly to Ukraine - the constitution forbids it. And the States? And they still haven't agreed on their budget, which includes aid to Ukraine. More than 60 billion dollars for the whole year literally hung due to political intrigues in Congress.

So far, even President Biden cannot solve this problem. No matter how much he called and even threatened the American deputies with responsibility for their games, they still do not make concessions. Ukraine is forced to save ammunition for better times. The President of Ukraine, Volodymyr Zelenskyy, said that he is counting on Biden's support and believes in the wise decision of the US Congress.

We believe in Ukraine

Well, we also have to believe that the allies will come to their senses and support Ukraine, because it is the Armed Forces that are holding Putin back. If it weren't for the Ukrainian defenders, the Rashists would have already reached other countries. 

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