According to the study, over time, and despite advances in cow breeding and agricultural practices, modern milk has more similarities than differences with the drink of the past. Samples from 1907, were frozen in a container at Shackleton Base Camp for 100 years. They were found during restoration work within the framework of the Antarctic Heritage Trust Restoration Project. Chemist Skillet J. Anima said: “Despite more than a century of variation between samples, the composition of the main components and the detailed description of proteins, lipids and minor components have not changed significantly over the years.” The years. According to him, in the composition of past and present milk, the main mineral components were almost identical, except for a higher content of lead, tin and iron. Scientists believe that this is due to the quality of the container in which the powder was stored. However, the use of stainless steel and high-quality water has eliminated this problem in modern milk powder. The study was published in the Journal of Dairy Sciences.