What is the nature of this project?

According to the website "The Information", which specializes in technology, the upcoming data center will include the creation of a supercomputer running artificial intelligence called Stargate within the fifth phase of computer development, which is expected to be launched in 2028.

The proposed computer, which is scheduled to be located in the United States, will be the largest in a series of facilities that Microsoft and OpenAI are looking to build over the next six years.

Along with this project, OpenAI is working on a new AI-based voice cloning tool called Voice Engine, which is capable of reproducing a person's voice from a 15-second audio sample.

The new voice mechanism sought by OpenAI aims to address fraud and crime incidents in the future.

The company adopted a cautious approach and security rules before disseminating the new tool on a larger scale, and among these rules is obtaining explicit consent from any person before using his voice, and the necessity of clearly indicating to listeners that the voices were created by artificial intelligence.

According to The Information website, the two companies are still in the middle of the third phase of the plan, while Microsoft is working on designing the computer for the fourth phase for OpenAI, which is expected to be launched by the year 2026.

According to the website, the last two stages are expected to consume the largest cost of the project due to the high cost of artificial intelligence chips required during these stages.

Many countries and institutions are seeking to rely on artificial intelligence to address fraud and crime incidents, in addition to using it in industries and providing services to citizens in various fields.

 In this regard, artificial intelligence expert Nader Ghazal points out during his interview with the newsroom on “Sky News Arabia” that in light of the acceleration that is occurring among countries in seeing the results of such productions, Stargate is considered a product of this stage and period.

  • Stargate is not new, it is an old idea that has been discussed before to lead to a supercomputer.

  • The advantage of the Stargate lies in its ability to process at a rate of up to trillions of data per second, unlike other computers.

  • With continuous progress in the field of generative and even traditional artificial intelligence, after reaching the stage of deep machine learning, artificial intelligence is now considered truly intelligent.

  • The partnership between Microsoft and OpenAI is considered natural, especially since they are the two companies that are at the forefront as the richest companies in the world, and through this partnership they seek to achieve financial profit.

  • The presence of the Stargate supercomputer will undoubtedly contribute to providing a major boost to science and research, especially in the fields of health, engineering, and industry, and there is an urgent need for this by everyone.

Between the pros and cons of Stargate

Dr. Ghazal adds that any project or invention naturally has positive and negative aspects.

  • There is a large cost, whether in terms of operation, cooling, or the infrastructure required to create a computer of this type.

  • Microsoft and OpenAI are confident in the profits that both parties will reap through this project, the cost of which exceeds the budgets of all countries combined.

  • There is an environmental cost to be paid when cooling ultra-powerful devices, as this requires the use of large amounts of purified water - the equivalent of using enough water for 8 million people.

  • There is a qualitative shift in human life, in terms of an increase in the rate of speed of services in all scientific fields by hundreds of times compared to the current situation.

  • The level of information accuracy will also increase, as the high-speed computer will allow information to be delivered better and faster, and will be able to provide accumulated information at high speed at one time.

  • The data provided by the computer may be biased, and this is the negative aspect that was mentioned about the artificial intelligence that we currently live in. This bias will be accelerated by Stargate, because if it is biased, its bias will be more accurate.

  • Governments must have more stringent and stronger intervention and systems to govern the work of artificial intelligence.

  • It is necessary for governments to take control of everything that has been produced from artificial intelligence, and for all algorithms to be given transparently to regulatory bodies.

  • It is necessary to control this technology so that things do not get worse, especially if it remains in the hands of private people looking for profit and making money.