About 10 people, wearing dark suits, participated in the raid on the Osaka factory, affiliated with Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, which received widespread coverage in the Japanese media and was broadcast on Japanese television, including NHK.

The company said that the exact cause of these diseases, which include kidney failure, is still unknown. The products are being investigated in cooperation with government health authorities.

"Pinikoji", a type of red mold, is used in the production of all nutritional supplements.

These pink pills produced by Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals called Benikoji Cholesterol Help are said to help lower cholesterol levels.

Kobayashi Pharmaceuticals, based in the western Japanese city of Osaka, said that about one million packages were sold during the past three years. Benikoji also sold to other manufacturers, and some products were exported.

It is noteworthy that nutritional supplements can be purchased from pharmacies without a prescription from a doctor.

 Reports of health problems emerged in 2023, although Benekoji has been used in various products for years.

Company President Akihiro Kobayashi apologized for not acting sooner.

The recall came on March 22, two months after the company received official medical reports about the problem.

The company said on Friday that 5 people had died and 114 people were receiving treatment in hospitals after consuming the products.

The Japanese Ministry of Health says that dietary supplements are responsible for deaths and illnesses, and warned that the number of infected people may rise.

 Some analysts blame recent deregulation initiatives, which have simplified and accelerated approval of health products to stimulate economic growth.

But deaths caused by a mass-produced product are rare in Japan, where government inspections of consumer products are relatively strict.

The government ordered a review of the approval system to combat diseases resulting from the consumption of nutritional supplements. A report is due in May.