The 38-year-old was willing to give anything to have another conversation with his father, after his death.

So Artur invented a virtual reality tool called “Live Forever Mode,” which features digital avatars that can mimic a person’s voice, behaviors, and movements after only 30 minutes of observation by the user, relying on artificial intelligence.

The goal is for this avatar to live forever online as a memory of its creator so that future generations of their families can interact with it.

In this regard, Artur says: “You can get to know the person, you can hear his voice... You can talk to him about different topics, and you can bring a little bit of his personality into the system.”

Artur's subsidiary Somnium Space is testing the "forever living mode" at its headquarters in Prague, Czech Republic, before its official launch.

Somnium Space is a 3D platform that users can access using a virtual reality device. In this space, they exist as an avatar, where they can play games, create artwork, attend events, and buy and sell virtual goods from other users.