In the central United States, abnormally high temperatures at the beginning of the week are expected to be followed by a sudden drop before returning to above-normal levels afterward, according to the National Weather Service (NWS).

Tuesday in Chicago is expected to be the "hottest day on record in February or during the winter," with maximum temperatures reaching 20 degrees Celsius, according to local weather services.

But temperatures are expected to drop below zero again, a change considered “extremely harsh,” according to meteorology.

Record temperatures were set the previous day in St. Louis, Missouri, and to the north in Minneapolis and St. Paul, Minnesota.

Finally, a temperature of just over 18 degrees Celsius was recorded on Monday, which is the highest temperature for the month of February.

Also, Texas experienced unusual temperatures.

In Dallas, the temperature reached about 33 degrees Celsius on Monday, which was a record high for February 26.

Local meteorological services warned of the risk of fires.

In eastern Canada, in Quebec and Ontario, record temperatures were also recorded on Tuesday.

Last January was the hottest month ever in the world, according to the American reference agencies NOAA and the European Copernicus Observatory.