The "Science Alert" website published the results of the study, which was applied to live animal models and then to humans, as this provides a completely new drug method for a disease that is currently difficult to treat, which is skin cancer. Follow-up research, conducted by scientists at RMI University, confirmed T" and Charles Darwin University, these findings have been reached. The results indicate that cannabis extract prevents skin cancer cells from multiplying, by forcing the disease to kill itself. Even if this experiment succeeds on the skin of a live animal, it still needs to be investigated, and there is still high-quality research on the ability of cannabis compounds to Cancer control is minimal. Humans have used cannabinoids as medicine for thousands of years, yet modern stigma in the past century or so has seriously hampered scientific research. In 2020, for example, a biotech company in Australia found that some cannabis cultivars It can cause leukemia cells to die in the laboratory, supporting research from elsewhere in the world that has been going on for more than a decade. Further animal studies are now needed to see if the findings apply to cancer cells in live models. For example, researchers still need to know how to apply the drug and in what dose. Russian scientists declare victory over "tooth decay"