The university published details of the invention on its website, indicating that clinical trials of the development had proven its effectiveness not only in combating caries, but also in enamel sensitivity, as well as the negative consequences of teeth whitening. It is noteworthy that tooth decay is a complex pathological process in the hard tissues of the teeth, which develops As a result of the complex influence of unfavorable external and internal factors. In the initial stage of development, caries is characterized by focal demineralization of the inorganic part of the enamel and the destruction of its organic matrix. Ultimately, this leads to the destruction of the hard tooth tissue and, if left untreated, complications arise. In this regard, scientists at Omsk State Medical University of Russia, who have been working in the field of dental prevention for more than 40 years, have created a whole range of gel formulations aimed at preventing the occurrence of this disease and stopping primary caries. The invention currently includes 10 formulations, as scientists are scheduled to register a patent for the eleventh dental medicine. In the same context, the head of the Department of Pediatric Dentistry at Omsk State Medical University, Galina Skripkina, indicated that the innovative toothpastes are not ordinary, but formulations. Medical for a course of treatment, which is prescribed depending on the state of the dental disease. “This is enough to maintain the optimal level of mineral metabolism in the oral cavity for six months,” Galina Skripkina added, explaining that all mineral components contained in saliva, under favorable conditions , are integrated into the crystalline structure of enamel, and metabolic processes take place optimally. According to their estimates, it is the prolonged effect of the developed gels that distinguishes them from preventive drugs produced by other manufacturers. For their part, Omsk scientists confirm that the gels have not only a protective effect Rather, it also has a therapeutic effect, as it eliminates caries in the stage of focal demineralization of tooth enamel, alleviates the symptoms of increased sensitivity of tooth enamel to chemicals, mechanical influences, and temperature, and restores the brilliance of the enamel after whitening sessions,” stressing that the effectiveness of the drugs has been proven laboratory and clinically.