Yacoub explained, "Exercise and following a healthy diet are very important in maintaining heart health."

During the meeting, Yacoub said:

  • The Sheikh Zayed Award for Human Fraternity helps in applying the results of scientific research to society with full equality.

  • The Magdy Yacoub Heart Foundation aims to apply new discoveries scientifically to people equally in Egypt, the Arab countries and the world.

  • The institution respects people, provides free treatment, and gives priority to the poor.

  • Most of the support for the Foundation comes from Egypt, Arab countries, and some international institutions.

  • Personally, I walk 8,000 steps daily, and this is very important for maintaining the heart.

  • Happiness prolongs life, and there is a lot of research that confirms this.

  • Love of work, resistance to life’s hardships, and humility are the most important things I advise the younger generation.

  • Artificial intelligence is very important for the development of our business, especially in cardiology.