The University

of Dar es Salaam (


), has signed a historic reference agreement with the Seacom Company for improving the provision of internet services at the college.

In the contractual references, UDSM has succeeded in increasing the capacity of the Internet to be provided by the Seacom company from 155 Megabaits per second to 10 Gigabaits per second.

The Vice Principal of the college, Professor William Anangisye has said that the contract is important for the wider interests of the College.

"The College's vision for the year 2061 directs the College to use technology to facilitate teaching and learning.

"Using that trend, the College plans to have a 'Smart Campus', the presence of high-speed internet enables the College to fulfill our dream of becoming a smart campus," he said.

For his part, he has said that after improving the relevant infrastructure, the high-speed Internet service will be available in all campuses, even those outside Dar es Salaam, including Zanzibar, Dodoa, Nzega, Mbeya and the two new Lindi and Kagera campuses.

He said that by using the power of high-speed Internet, UDSM will be able to implement its mission of becoming a MAIZI "SMART CAMPUS" where the important activities of the College are expected to be carried out through the Internet.

"By using the high speed of the internet that will be available, we expect the efficiency of the College in Teaching, Research and service to the public will increase.

"In other words, our ability to serve students, researchers and society in general will increase and our services will be better," he said.

And the Executive Director of Seacom (TZ), LTD Joe Vipond has admitted that the company took time to reach the agreement with the aim of improving the service at the college.

He has said that reaching that stage is a great benefit for the college and students.

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