The WHO said in a statement posted on the X platform that it had "sent a formal request to China for detailed information on the rise in respiratory diseases and outbreaks of pneumonia among children," calling for "steps to reduce the risk of respiratory diseases."

The statement by the UN Health Organization came after a significant rise in the number of children with respiratory diseases and pneumonia was recorded in northern China.

The organization said it was seeking additional information on the injuries, AFP reported.

It added that it was recommending that residents in China "follow the necessary measures to reduce the risk of respiratory diseases."

These measures include "recommended vaccination, staying away from sick people, staying home when sick, testing and receiving medical care when needed, wearing masks when necessary, ensuring good ventilation, and washing hands regularly."

The Chinese authorities attributed this increase in respiratory diseases to the lifting of COVID-19-related restrictions and the spread of known pathogens.

"On November 22, WHO requested additional epidemiological and clinical information, as well as laboratory results on reported outbreaks among children," the WHO statement added.