This strategy works by firing a "ticking time bomb" at the cells that line the blood vessels associated with the tumor.These vessels control access to tumor tissue, and until they are opened, engineered immune cells cannot easily enter cancer to fight it.It is worth noting that the time bomb on these cells is considered the receptor of "death" or "Fez" receptor, which is in the form of a drug called "Fes", and when activated by the appropriate antibody, it leads to programmed death of the cell. Until recently, Fez was "undervalued in cancer immunotherapy." The antibody, which binds to a specific part of the death receptor, is the key to killing the cell, and once this immune portal is opened, other cancer treatments, such as Carte-T, can reach more of their targets, which are often clustered together and hidden within the tumor. If Cart-T cells can one day be engineered to target these receptor parts in adjacent cells as well, treatment may be more effective against tumors.