The resulting energy release (approximately 21 kNT) vaporized the 30-meter-long test tower and miles of copper wire that connected it to the recording equipment, and the resulting fireball combined the tower and copper wire with asphalt and desert sand at the bottom of the tower to form green glass, a new mineral called trinitite.Geophysicist Terry Wallace, from Los Alamos National Laboratory, explained in 2021 that "crystals are formed in environments of "While uncommon, we've seen enough crystals to know that they tend to fuse metals, so the team went to look for a much rarer form of the metal, red trinitete, due to its color through the evaporated copper wires embedded in it," Bindi said. Scientists analyzed six small samples of red trinitite. Finally, they obtained a result in one of the samples, a small 20-sided grain of silicon, copper, calcium and iron, with an impossible rotational symmetry of five times that of conventional crystals, an "unintended consequence" of provoking war.