Experts stressed that guiding children and educating them on how to deal with difficult conditions such as earthquakes and floods is important to maintain their safety, and focus on the positive aspects that can contribute to rebuilding their self-confidence and enhancing their endurance and stress management skills.

Despite the depth and difficulty of disasters, hope can be revived in the hearts of these children, as psychological experts have confirmed that guiding children and educating them on how to deal with these difficult circumstances, and focusing on the positive aspects can contribute to rebuilding their confidence and belief in a better future.

Guiding children to understand what natural disasters are and how to act if they occur, and including this in school curricula helps them and averts much danger.

Experts stressed the importance of training children on safety measures such as getting out of demolished buildings or staying safe during earthquakes and floods.

They stressed that parents should enhance their children's ability to cope with stress and trauma through psychosocial support.

On the other hand, experts stressed that proper education and awareness can also help prepare children to better face these disasters.

Experts advised the importance of collaboration between schools and parents, to guide children towards better dealing with disasters and enable them to develop survival and recovery skills quickly.

In this context, educational expert Dr. Lama Safadi said in an interview with Al-Sabah program on "Sky News Arabia":

  • Children are more affected in disasters, due to the lack of expertise and experience.
  • The trauma is very hurtful, and the change that follows the disaster will affect them psychologically.
  • When a child is occupied with something useful, the horror of the shock will be relieved, as the return of schools is important in this regard.
  • Having a child with other children may be an ideal solution in this type of accident.
  • The magnitude of the psychological damage must be determined and the condition dealt with accordingly.