The new phone shares most of the features that the former "iPhone 14" had, but it has four features that you will not find in the phone a year ago.

1- Fast charging

The iPhone 15 will come with a Type-C charging port, which is the same charging port built into Android phones such as Samsung and Huawei.

The change comes after the EU passed a law requiring all mobile phones and other devices sold in Europe to be equipped with a USB Type-C charging port by the end of 2024.

USB-C chargers offer a speed advantage. USB-C connectors can charge your phone much faster than a regular Apple cable, while using the same amount of effort.

2- Zoom

The iPhone 15 offers the most powerful zoom capabilities to date compared to any previous Apple smartphone, according to the company's website.

The iPhone 15 Pro Max features a telephoto camera with up to 5x magnification, the longest optical zoom of any iPhone camera.


iPhone 15 senses the appearance of a person (or pet) in camera view and automatically captures depth information, allowing you to convert your photos into portraits after a while after the photo was taken. Regular photos on iPhone 15 can be converted to portrait style photos using the Photos app.

Action button

The new "action button" replaced the "silent mode" button on the side of the phone, where the user in the iPhone will be able to choose the task of this button himself, and determine its usefulness.

Previously, this button was intended to put the phone on "silent" mode only.