Professor of Food Science at Ain Shams University, Dr. Mohamed Al-Hofi, answers to Sky News Arabia, "Yes", a person can appear younger than his real age, and with great vitality and activity, if he follows a healthy and preventive system in life, in terms of food, sports and psychological state.

The "secret" in proper nutrition

Lebic associates the importance of healthy, preventive food with the vital youthful appearance of the body based on:

A healthy diet prevents diseases by reducing inflammation and cell damage, as it increases the body's self-defense (immunity), thus accelerating self-healing by countering viruses and bacteria.

This system also protects human DNA, which over time is damaged if food, water and air are contaminated.

• Healthy food repairs and regenerates damaged and aging stem cells.

How do we choose this healthy food?

The professor of food science provides examples of the food needed to achieve each of the above:

• Stimulate immunity by eating foods such as olive oil, broccoli, chili peppers and zinc found in meat and fish.

• Repair and regenerate stem cells by eating fish, fish oil, dark chocolate, mango and olive oil.

• Stimulate DNA to repair itself, by eating spinach, carrots, oranges, berries, broccoli, red peppers, lentils, eggs, sardines and flax seeds.

• All of the above requires a healthy digestive system, to be able to extract useful elements from food. To improve the work of the digestive system, it is necessary to protect the beneficial bacteria in it, by eating yogurt, curd, kiwi, beans rich in fiber and all fermented foods, while staying away from refined sugars and processed foods that contain preservatives.

Necessities that cannot be abandoned

Proper food alone is not enough, in order for a person to protect himself from the evil of satiety and obesity, and to maintain a youthful and vital graceful appearance, other necessary things are also necessary, according to Al-Hofi:

• Exercise regularly.

• De-stress.

• Take enough sleep for at least 6 hours per day.