This period is considered an irregular period nutritionally, and lazy movement, and according to experts, it may be enough to get used to eating sweets and pastries, in addition to sitting for a long time in front of the TV, and replacing physical activity and motor games practiced at school with electronic devices at home.

All of this may expose the child, according to experts, to malnutrition, obesity and health problems that may appear in his childhood or later.

A recent report by the World Obesity Federation revealed that obesity rates are rising rapidly, especially among children, and reported that childhood obesity could reach more than 200 million boys and more than 175 million girls in 2035.

The world's 37 million children under the age of five are classified as overweight.

So how can children be dietary guidance on holidays?

In the same context, the majority of mothers have difficulty keeping their children away from eating sweets, and the mothers' war with sweets and candies is a long-term war, as it is a danger that surrounds children and threatens their health in the short or long term.

Commenting on the subject, nutritionist Hana Abu Al-Saud said in an interview with Al-Sabah program on "Sky News Arabia":

  • Summer holidays for mothers are a major dilemma that they cannot find a solution to.
  • The summer holidays can be used positively through exercise and an increase in physical activity, which cannot be done on normal days of the year, especially during the study period.
  • The need to pay attention during the summer holidays after physical activity to the child's diet.
  • Summer holidays earn children poor eating habits.
  • Focus and pay attention to children's sleep hours because of their negative effects on the child's health and nutrition at the same time.

So how can a healthy nutritional budget be created for the child during the summer holidays?

  • The summer holidays are supposed to be an opportunity to follow the children more closely, especially nutritionally.
  • The importance of balancing in meeting the child's nutritional and behavioral desires regarding sleep hours without excess.
  • The repetition of the entire summer vacation period in following poor eating habits and behavior is a negative restriction for children.
  • The need to provide healthy food for children and stay away from everything that harms them.