Mansory, a famous German tuner who is famous for carbon fiber application and performance tuning, has created a variety of amazing tuning works in the past, and now he is looking for Aston Martin's supercar SUV DBX for a completely crazy transformation , making it a super crazy performance SUV with an output of 800 horsepower, completely subverting the previous elegant image.

The German tuning brand came to Aston Martin to make DBX say goodbye to its elegant image and turn it into a more crazy and domineering performance thug.

Under Mansory's ingenious modification, DBX first painted with cement gray and widened the front and rear wheel arches to create a more robust and domineering style, and then through the best forged carbon fiber aero kit, and two new sets of The large spoiler spoiler further creates an arrogant performance momentum.

In addition, the rear tailpipe has also been changed to a unique center-mounted double-outlet design, which has become a highlight of the rear shape.

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The two sets of carbon fiber spoiler and the central double-exit tailpipe behind are undoubtedly the highlights of the rear shape.

As for power, Mansory replaced the original 4.0-liter V8 turbo engine with a larger turbocharger, combined with an exclusive ECU adjustment, and finally squeezed out a maximum horsepower of 800 horsepower and a strong power of 102 kg. The output of 707 hp/91.8 kgm is a level higher, allowing this Mansory DBX to complete zero-hundred acceleration in only 3.3 seconds, and the top speed is even more impressive at 325km/h.

The Mansory DBX is replaced with a larger turbocharger, which has a stronger power output than the current DBX707.

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