Due to the poor sales performance of Yaris in the Asia-Pacific market, there will only be a small facelift in the future to continue the Yaris sales cycle. Recently, it was reported that a small facelift model was announced at the Thailand Auto Show in March. The overall style is closer to Camry.

A suspected facelifted Toyota Yaris appeared on the Internet in Thailand.

According to Thai car media reports, the appearance of the suspected facelifted Toyota Yaris has been exposed. It adopts a new headlight group, and the front line is sharper. Below it is a large water tank guard, and a black guard is added. The overall style is like a small Camry, and the car color is also Import more sheet metal lines, and the sporty atmosphere is more prominent.

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In terms of interior decoration, the central control screen will be upgraded from the current 8-inch to 9-inch. The instrument panel will be a traditional pointer with a TFT screen display. The cabin is more youthful.

The safety equipment is expected to follow the footsteps of the new generation of Vios, introducing active safety such as automatic high and low beams, lane departure warning, etc., and the most important thing is the ACC cruise system with Stop&Go function.

The power remains the current 1.2-liter naturally aspirated and 1.5-liter naturally aspirated configurations.

In the Asia-Pacific market, Yaris only performed well in Thailand, so Toyota has no plans to launch a major facelift, and only minor facelifts will continue the sales cycle in the future.

In the Taiwan market, after the Yaris ceased production, it is rumored that the vacant market will be filled by a brand-new domestically produced small cross-border SUV. And Raize car series have the highest probability, but the specific car models still need to wait for the exact information from Hetai.

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