The Lunar New Year is approaching, and many people will also take the opportunity to drive their newly licensed cars home to celebrate the New Year and have a good time.

However, recently, a Chinese netizen took a photo at the charging station, full of electric cars queuing up, and some Chinese netizens calculated that when it was the last electric car’s turn to charge, it would take more than 3 hours to queue up for charging. .

In the charging station in this photo, there are a total of 8 charging parking spaces, but there are already electric vehicles charging, and there are 4 electric vehicles in the back that are preparing to line up for charging, and it is not known how many vehicles are lining up outside the photo.

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All the charging parking spaces have electric vehicles charging, and there are at least 4 cars waiting to be charged behind.

A Chinese car expert said that if a car is charged for 1 hour, it has probably been at least 3 hours after queuing and charging.

And he also said that these 8 charging piles are all in a normal charging state, which is already very lucky. Many charging stations in the service area have faults. He once encountered the problem that 13 of the 48 charging piles were broken.

Last year, there was even a conflict among Chinese electric vehicle owners over competition for charging parking spaces. Netizens suggested that it is better not to choose electric vehicles lightly for long-distance driving.

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