Toyota President Akio Toyoda, who has repeatedly emphasized that electric vehicles are not the only solution to carbon neutrality, recently pointed out at the 60th anniversary event of the Thai factory that many people are silent and dare not express their doubts about electric vehicles because electric vehicles are regarded as a trend .

Faced with the crazy electric cars in the world today, many car manufacturers have even announced the time to phase out fuel cars. However, Akio Toyoda calls himself the "silent majority" in the auto industry. He still has many questions and is curious about electric cars. Is electric vehicles really the only path to carbon neutrality?

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At the same time, Akio Toyoda emphasized that it is still impossible to determine the correct direction of the future, so we should not rest on our laurels and only focus on the pure electric power system.

And once again reiterated that emission-free synthetic fuels and hydrogen power are important directions for future development.

In terms of hydrogen power, Toyota has always insisted on development, and the latest achievement is the Yaris hydrogen version. Akio Toyoda also conducted a test drive during the WRC competition a few days ago, and bluntly said that he was shocked by the performance of Yaris hydrogen.

In addition, Toyota also plans to transplant the hydrogen fuel power system on the Mirai to the pickup Hilux, which is expected to be available next year.

At the same time, Toyota has not given up on electric vehicles. The development of the bZ series continues, and the commercially positioned Hilux electric version is also launched, which shows its diversified power strategy.