Two YouTubers have discovered classic cars worth over €1 million, including one that belonged to a Malaysian prime minister, in an abandoned underground bunker.

According to foreign media, Telegraph reports, the footage shows the moment when Ben and Eran, who run the Lost Adventures YouTube account, entered a building in Surrey (England) - after having seen it for several years - and were 'confronted' with a collection of old cars.

The 'fascinating collection' of cars included a variety of British classics, including a Formula 1 racer, Bentley and Bristol Cars.

They also found taxis, several prototypes and numerous wooden replicas.

Explorers discovered the vehicles were in the bunker while the owners prepared the collection for auction.

The pair called the underground car park an "extraordinary place" and said they had "never seen cars like these on the road".

Among the cars, they found a Proton Perdana that previously belonged to Dr Mahathir Mohammad, the former prime minister of Malaysia.