A person was arrested yesterday in connection with the case of businessman Bedri Rexhepi, who has been missing since April last year.

As KosovaPress learns, the arrested person is suspected of collaborating with the other suspect in this case, Jeton Vllasaliu, who is being held in custody.

"The person was arrested yesterday on suspicion of providing assistance to Jeton Vllasaliu, who is also the main suspect in the kidnapping of the businessman", said a source of KosovaPress.

Otherwise, Bedri Rexhepi for the last time, according to the information of his family, was seen on April 8, 2021 in Novobërde and from there nothing is known about him.

Family members have often expressed their disappointment with the institutions which, even after more than a year, have not been able to give you an answer as to where Rexhepi is.

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