In the German state used cars increased by almost a third within a year, reports the Market Analysis Agency DAT.

"In April, the usual three-year gasoline-powered car was 30.1 percent more expensive than similar cars in April last year," according to a DAT analysis.

On average, a three-year gasoline-powered car costs 27,900 euros.

Diesel cars have increased even more, by 31.8 percent, while for three-year "oilmen" had to be allocated an average of 28,960 euros.

According to analysts, the prices of used cars are rising due to reduced supply of new ones.

The corona crisis affected the shortage of chips and other parts for the automotive industry, which reduced capacity.

At the same time, new car prices have risen by seven percent in the last three years.

The significant increase in used car prices applies not only to cars up to three years old, but also to older models.

"When supply is limited, demand for older models increases and that certainly increases the price," said a DAT spokesman.

The debate in Germany on the eve of the coronavirus crisis, which also provided for the partial ban on diesel cars, no longer affects the reduction of demand for these vehicles, which stood out in the middle of that debate.

According to DAT data, but also the largest internet portal for used cars "", there is a demand for "diesel" used, especially for those with more powerful engines.

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