The company Van Geest Designa has designed the new concept of the ship, inspired by the houses of the time of ancient Rome.

It is about the ship Domus, which according to the Latin language means "home", Telegrafi reports.

Designers chose the time of ancient Rome, but also because of the antique design known for the luxury that those houses offered at that time.

The Domus concept was developed in partnership with the Irish company Rob Doyle Desing.

The boat is 40 meters long, and offers enough space on two floors.

The whole ship has 800 square meters, thanks to the space divided into two parts.

The ship has six cabins, including two for the owners.

Inside there is space for cinema, cafeteria, fitness center, swimming pool and jacuzzi.

"Domus is the" first yacht without emissions ", which will weigh over 750 tons.

It will use a combination of solar energy, hydrogen generators and hydrogen cell combustion technology.

During the day it accumulates solar energy that will be used at night, and when there are strong winds it sails without the help of engines.

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