Some will say that Mercedes has no direct rival to the luxury models Rolls-Royce Phantom and Bentley Flying Spur Mulliner, however, the Maybach model continues on the path to the goal of becoming a truly ultra-luxury brand.

However, a solution is on the horizon.

A new concept called the Mercedes-Maybach Haute Voiture announces a special edition numerically limited sedan for 2023. It will be the most luxurious version of the S-Class to date with a two-tone body, with the upper painted dark blue.

Of course, the real magic lies in the luxurious interior of this latest S-Class.

The mentioned color combination continues well inside, the door panels are decorated with boucle fabrics in blue, beige and gold pink, and the combination is also used for their soft seats and cushions.

The pink-gold details give the impression that you are sitting in a piece of jewelry, what comes in a "package" with bags and similar clothes, all thanks to the boucle fabric and Nappa leather.

Nappa leather is present on almost every surface, and Maybach even discreetly modified the MBUX so that the entertainment information system got pink-gold details.

The Home button features the Mercedes-Maybach logo.

Floor mattresses are made with imitation white wool.

Which engine the next production model will use is not yet known, but the fantastic V12 engine reserved for the S680 seems a logical choice.

Otherwise, the price of how much the car will cost has not yet been announced.

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