A Renault Fuego GTS belonging to the family of the late Romanian communist leader Nicolae Ceausescu will go on sale at an online auction scheduled for May 19th.

The car, a wedding gift that Zoia Ceausescu received from her parents, Nicolae and Elena Ceausescu, has a starting price of 500 euros, the Telegraph reports.

Following the events of 1989, the car was seized by the Attorney General.

Seven years later, a Prosecution order ordered the cessation of the criminal investigation and the return of personal property.

The car was used only for trips outside Bucharest.

At the same auction it is announced that other modern modern cars from private collections or the assets of some institutions will be sold.

The most valuable is a Maserati Quattroporte, with a starting price of 15,000 euros.

In 1980 only 2133 models of this car were produced and the one sold at auction in Bucharest is numbered 606.

Those who are interested can test them until May 19 and then can make an offer for their favorite through an active account on Artmark.ro.