The company U-Boat Worx, which deals with the production of private submarines, has introduced the new model.

It is about the UWEP model, respectively Under Water Entertainment Platform, which is 35 meters long, 7.62 wide and 7 high, so this submarine can be used for organizing parties, Telegrafi reports.

The submarine can accommodate up to 120 passengers, which is relatively much, and it has a 1.2 mWh battery that is located at the bottom.

The battery has a durability of 18 hours with only one charge, while the submarine moves at a speed of 5 kilometers per hour at a depth of 200 meters.

In case of emergency, there is also a backup system that can be activated as needed, and supports key systems over a period of 96 hours - until rescue teams arrive.

The submarine has 14 windows of 4.6 meters that allow guests views of great depths of the sea.

It is also equipped with large lights.

And when it is not under water, the submarine can serve as a salon where people can socialize and have fun in the sun.

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