According to the latest information from car and auction house collectors, for one of the two Mercedes 300 SLR Unhlenhaut Coupe, the new owner has to allocate about $ 142 million.

And if this information turns out to be true, then one of the two Mercedes 300 SLR Uhlenhaut Coupe with which the German company would have to take part in the stability test during the 50s, will be the car that will be auctioned achieves the greatest value ever achieved, the Telegraph reports.

Named after Rudolf Uhlenhaut, who was in charge of Mercedes at the time and engaged in testing and racing activities, the Mercedes Benz 300 SLR Coupe, produced in 1955, was originally used as a personal car - and will now break the Ferrari 250 GTO record that was sold for $ 70 million.

The new owner will have to allocate $ 142 million, but it has not been revealed when the car, which is still owned by the Mercedes Museum in Stuttgart, will go up for auction.

However it is said that the prospective owner, in addition to the nine digit amount, will be required to meet certain conditions such as the guarantee that there will be no resale in the near future.

The MB 300 SLR Coupe, unfortunately did not have the opportunity to show it in racing, as Mercedes-Benz suspended all racing activities after the accident that occurred in 1955 at the 24 Hourse Le Mans race, where in addition to Mercedes racer Pierr Levegh, also lost 83 people who had gone to follow the race closely.

Those rare lucky ones who had the opportunity to drive a 3-liter 8-cylinder Mercedes that produces 276 horsepower, say that without any problems it has reached a speed of 290 kilometers per hour - thus becoming the fastest car in the 50s .

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