The match witnessed riots and violence that affected the players of both teams when a number of fans of the northern team stormed the field and clashed with a number of Air Force players, specifically former international goalkeeper Muhammad Hamid.

A statement published by the club’s management on its official website on Monday said: “The club expresses its deep regret for what happened in the Dohuk Stadium, including the barbaric and brutal attempts that almost claimed the lives of a number of our players and resulted in a bloody toll from a stadium in which we did not feel safe from the first minute until the last minute of the match.” .

Leaders Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya suffered their first defeat this season, losing to their host Dohuk (1-2).

The statement added, "If the Iraqi Federation does not take a firm decision that is consistent with international regulations, we will take a decision to withdraw from the league competition."

The match between Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya and its host, Dohuk, was attended by more than 40,000 spectators. Before it ended, a number of fans took to the field and clashed with a number of Al-Quwa players, including former international team goalkeeper Muhammad Hamid, whose clash, as well as his colleague, were shown in video clips on social media. Former international Hammam Tariq, with Dohuk fans, amid the inability of stadium security personnel to confront and control these events.

These events were accompanied by the expulsion of goalkeeper Hamid with a red card, and before that, in the first half, a similar card was issued to international Ibrahim Bayesh.

The Iraqi Federation, which fears negative repercussions and positions that the International Federation may take regarding the future of its teams’ matches on its stadiums due to these incidents, has not yet provided any clarification or comment regarding the Dohuk Stadium incident.

Al-Quwa Al-Jawiya leads the competition with (45 points) compared to (32 points) for Dohuk, fourth in the rankings, behind Zakho, its neighbor, the second local team in the Kurdistan region of Iraq, on goal difference.