Rohit Sharma: Rohit was silenced by Boult on the very first ball.

New Delhi:

Rohit Sharma:

The competition between two players is very special. And it seems as if a similar cold war is going on between former Mumbai captain Rohit Sharma and Rajasthan's Trent Boult on the twenty-twenty-yard strip. Rohit Sharma's duck, who was looking in excellent touch since the beginning of the tournament, gave a shock of four hundred and forty bolts to the fans of Indians against Rajasthan Royals (Rajasthan vs Mumbai) on Monday, when the former captain bowled the very first ball of the innings. But he got out and went away. And from the toss to the bowling of the first ball, the fire of Rohit-Rohit noise was calmed down for a moment. The main reason for this was Trent Boult, who has an old rivalry with Rohit.

Rohit is light, Bolt is not heavy!

These figures are saying that whenever Boult comes in front of Rohit, he gets nervous. So far, Rohit has faced Bolt in 51 balls in all levels of T20 cricket. And seeing the condition of Rohit, the fans are saying that it is as if Bolt has become a bomb! Out of these 51 balls, Rohit did not score a single run on 21 balls. Now only thirty balls left 

Bolt spoiled the figures 

Meaning, Rohit scored runs on only 30 balls of Boult, but the lefty played havoc and dismissed the Indian captain four times. And what happened was that Rohit's average against Bolt was 17.25. Although Rohit's strike rate may have been 135.29, but when the average is so bad, it means nothing. And this raised questions. 

Bolt raised a big question?

His dismissal against Bolt on the very first ball reminded millions of Indian fans of his dismissal against Shaheen Afridi in the T20 World Cup a few years ago. Now fans have started discussing that Rohit faces a lot of problems against lefty pacers and he has been exposed in front of all the teams. In such a situation, now that the T20 World Cup is just two months away, coach Rahul Dravid will have to find a solution seriously.