Rohit Sharma: Rohit Sharma has made his USP clear

New Delhi:

Rohit Sharma may not be the captain of Mumbai Indians this time in the Indian Premier League (IPL 2024), but this time he looks different from the previous editions. Maybe it could be the pressure being reduced by losing the captaincy or the anger over not having the captaincy, but other teams may have to suffer the punishment for this. And that too a good thing because only two matches have taken place so far. In these first two matches, Rohit has scored 69 runs at an average of 34.4. His best score is still to come as till now he has been able to reach only 41, but the USP of this edition has become different and this is enough to warn the other teams. 

Power visible in power-play!

This time Rohit's UAC is visible. This season, Rohit Sharma has scored 50 runs on 28 balls in the power-play of both the matches played. And this style is enough to tell and say a lot. In these 12 overs, Rohit has got only one par out and the hitman's strike rate is 178.57. So brothers, tighten your belts from now on. And other teams should also be alert. Rohit has shown the trailer in the power-play. 

Such fire seen after eight years

When it comes to bat fire in power-play, it has been almost eight years that such "powerful" flames have been seen in Rohit's bat. The previous best strike-rate achieved by Rohit in power-play was in the year 2015. Then Rohit had a strike-rate of 150.84 in the first six overs. There is a significant difference between these two strike-rates, which shows how much Rohit's hunger in power-play has increased.